Japanese Self-Study Resources


Since I will be studying abroad after a long 3 month summer break, I know I need to review Japanese on my own or else I’ll lose what I learned. In this post I will just share which resources I have been using to self-study.

Japanese 300 & 400 Level Textbooks and Workbooks:

An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese

  • This textbook has many sample conversations for learning the vocabulary and grammar for certain situations. For example, requesting a letter of recommendation from your professor or making plans to meet with friends. It also has pretty extensive reading practices at the end of each lesson.
  • I think that this textbook would be a little difficult to self-study with but if you are good at actively studying on your own then this textbook would probably be beneficial.
  • Purchase the Book Here

Nihongo Bunpou no Houhou

  • The entirety of this textbook/workbook is in Japanese. It is pretty straightforward and to the point and probably would work better as a review to supplement someone who is already at a more advanced level since it does not have any explanations in English.
  • This textbook was also used in my Japanese class so I would not necessarily recommend this for self-study. I included it in the lesson because it is what I will be using to review over this break.

Self-Study Resources:

Japanese The Easy Way by Barron’s

  • I purchased this book back when I was a middle school or high school student and attempting to self-study. Based off of where my bookmark was left, I didn’t get that far at that point. However after taking Japanese classes and getting to the intermediate level, I returned to this textbook.
  • I actually reviewed this entire textbook in a somewhat short time of less than two weeks. Most of the content was review material but for the things that were new it taught it in a way that was easy to understand.
  • I would recommend this book to anyone looking to self-study with material that is not super difficult. The only downside is that the review sentences and questions are all in romaji so you don’t get much reading practice. But that can be counteracted if you actively rewrite the sentences in kana, adding in the kanji as well.
  • Purchase this Book Here

Japanese Demystified A Self-Teaching Guide

  • I purchased this book around the same time I purchased Japanese The Easy Way. I really like this book because it is pretty comprehensive. I think that it could be used as a textbook that could be used in a class but it is also simple enough to review on your own.
  • I also really like that they include different exercises to practice what is learned in each chapter and also section quizzes and a final exam. That part of this book was super helpful in my opinion and if you are choosing between this book and Japanese The Easy Way, I would definitely recommend this one.
  • In this book I also learned a lot of new material. Part of it was review but the new parts that I learned extended a little further on what I had previously learned, or explained the rules behind things that I had known for a while but not completely understood.
  • Purchase the Book Here

If you are seriously considering purchasing any one of these textbooks and have any questions about them, please feel free to ask!

❤ Kira



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