Tokyo Disney Sea Trip! (日記#5)

Last week Sunday, September 4th, my host family took me to Disney Sea! We started off really early; heading off to the park at 5:30 a.m. By the time we got there and stood in line it was about 7:15. We had to wait until the park opened at 8:00, but once it opened and we got through my host dad went running off to go and get fast passes for a ride.


There were so many people running. For the people who weren’t running, we were stuck in the wave of people. The kids were yelling “ouch” because they were getting pushed and shoved. It was actually pretty scary. But once we broke free from the group we also started to run. I had no idea where we were running to so I just followed.


On the way to wherever we were going, we stopped at a popcorn stand to buy the caramel flavored popcorn. My host family brought their popcorn container so that they could get refills. After popcorn and a short stop to cool down,  we ended up in the Arabian Coast’s Magic Lamp Theatre. Oh, and if you want to see a map of Disney Sea you can click here!


We waited outside of the theatre because it wasn’t open yet and also we were waiting for the dad to return. Once he returned we went into the theatre to watch the show. It was actually pretty neat because it’s not something we have in the United States. The basic summary is that there is a great magician and his assistant. The assistant is trying to steal the key so that he can release the genie who is locked in a box. It’s a super short show meant for kids, but it was also cool because it had a mix of live actors and the genie who was shown on a screen with 3D effects. There’s even a part where the genie “flies” through the audience underneath everyone’s seats and the seats actually move up and down. You can see a short preview of the show by clicking here.


After we emerged from the theatre we were greeted by some heavy rain. We all broke out the umbrellas and the kids donned their rain jackets and then we were off to the next place. At this point I think we split up. Mother and daughter went to Mermaid Lagoon (non-ride team), and Father, son, and I (ride-team), went to Journey of the Center of the Earth. This ride to me felt like an underground version of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. For this we had to wait in line for about 90 minutes, which as you can imagine is longer than a 7 year old can really handle. So during that 90 minutes he pretty much touched every single prop/display that was in the queue area, figured out I was ticklish and then refused to stop attempting to tickle me, and bumped into at least 10 people who were on the opposite sides of the rails as he crab-crawled across. But to be fair he was probably the only person under 15 years old in that entire line. He barely made the height requirement actually. Then, right when we got to the front of the line where we would take an elevator that would take us to the ride entrance, he said he had to use the bathroom. So I waited in the front of the line on the side as they took a bathroom break. Once they got back we got on the ride and it was actually pretty fun!


Once we were done with that ride we also headed to Mermaid Lagoon to meet up with the non-ride team. Once there we met up and rode the “coffee cup” ride. Luckily the wheel in the middle was only for grip and not for spinning because I got pretty dizzy. Once we finished that then it was ice cream break. I had a ice cream sandwich that was in the shape of a shell with a fruity berry filling.



After eating ice cream the parents realized that it was probably good to eat lunch at the same time so we ate lunch at Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen. I got a sausage and pepperoni pizza and the kids and parents shared some kind of chicken and croquette burger, with popcorn shrimp and fries.


This is the part where my memory gets a little fuzzy, but I think that after we ate we all went to go and ride the Toy Story Mania ride. I rode in the vehicle with mom and daughter, and then the two guys went together. This was a ride that the mom actually really wanted to go to and it was really fun.


As for me, I really wanted to do some omiyage shopping, so after Toy Story I shopped around a bit before we watched the Crystal Wishes Journey show which is in the Mediterranean Harbor. Although it was super hot, the show was really impressive. They had different stages set up at different points around the harbor and the dancers would dance in the walkways all around the perimeter so it was good no matter where you were standing.


Following the show it was about 5:30 so we decided to get dinner. They gave me the choice of where we wanted to go, the options being pasta or Chinese food, and I just chose pasta. Luckily that restaurant was right next to where we were for the parade so we didn’t have to walk that far. For dinner the son and I had some kind of lobster lasagna with whatever a “dory” is and the daughter chose a pesto pasta that had a cute edible decoration celebrating the 15th anniversary of Disney Sea.


With our hanger sated, we walked around the and enjoyed the sights of the lights surrounding the harbor and night, until we made it to the Fortress Explorations. This place was kind of interesting. They had a section where you could pay 300 yen to steer a little boat around a fake ocean scene, and also a life sized boat that you could walk around on. They even had a cannon that shot out steam when you pulled the string at the back. We were held back a little while because the son kept wanting to pull all three of the cannons multiple times but eventually he got tired of it and we moved on.


At this time the non-ride team and the ride-team split off again. The ride-team going to the Tower of Terror. Interestingly, the theme was different from the LA Disneyland one. This one had to do with a tribal doll that somehow cursed the hotel owner and I guess also cursed the people riding the ride. I was really scared because I didn’t know what to expect but it was actually less scary than the LA one in my opinion. Still super fun though!


Now it was about 7:30 and the ride-team was waiting for the non-ride team to meet us so that we could watch a Table is Waiting, which is a food themed show I assume. We didn’t make in in to watch because the mom and the daughter were still running to meet us, so when they finally came we instead got in line to watch Turtle Talk. But! The line was longer than expected and Fantasmic was going to start so we ditched the line and heading back to the harbor to watch Fantasmic. We had a pretty good seat and the show was great. All of the lights at night were pretty and it was kind of intense. At some points they had fire bursting out and I felt like my eyebrows burned off.


After the show ended we walked over to a ride called Aquatopia. They had two versions of the ride. One where you stayed dry and once where you got wet enough to be able to squeeze your clothes out. The kids really wanted to ride the water one so the dad went with them on that version and the mom and I went on the dry version. It was a spinny ride that kind of made me sick, but the kids had fun so it was okay. They did come out pretty soaked but it was the last ride so we were going to go home anyways. Since my legs were tired, we all took the train back to the main station and we left the park just 10 minutes until closing.

By the time we returned home it was about 11:15 a.m. The kids were knocked out so the son was tossed in the stroller and the daughter was carried by mom back up to the apartment. I was actually surprised that they let the kids stay out that late on a school night but it was really fun.

Well, that was a long post, but hopefully you got a good picture of how my day at Tokyo Disney Sea with my host family went. I am really grateful that they took me there even when they didn’t have to. I think it was the kids first time going too which means that they went even more out of their way to take me. I am super lucky to be living with such kind people and I hope that I can only continue to get closer to them as time goes on.

If you read all of this, thank you! Next post will probably be about my day trip to visit with my relatives who live in Oyama. Take care 🙂

❤ Kira



Picture of the Mediterranean Harbor when we first arrived at the park. The other side is packed with people who just entered Disney Sea.

IMG_5461.JPGThe cute Disney themed, Aquarius bottle. It was crazy hot at the park. I ended up walking around with my neck towel on around my neck or even on top of my head.


The haul from the day. I bought myself a file for school, cute Disney furikake, some cookies and chocolates because I wanted the tins, and also post cards.


2 thoughts on “Tokyo Disney Sea Trip! (日記#5)

  1. Ann Sumida says:

    Thank you for sharing your day at Disney Sea with us. It was fun to experience all the sights, rides, and shows you saw. I remember when we went and was pushed and shoved. Thank you host family for taking Kira on this adventure so she could share it with us.

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