Quick Update on My Life

Hello everyone!

It’s been about two weeks since I published my last post. Recently I have been busy with school, club, and other activities and I just haven’t had the motivation to write anything. So today I am forcing myself to write a quick update before a month passes without any new post. So far I have been in Japan for about 56 days or so. It is just about the halfway point of my school semester.

In the past couple of weeks I have done quite a few fun things in between all the not-as-fun things. I went to a Halloween Lights event at a government maintained park that was really beautiful. I also went to a local festival where the study abroad students from my school were lent some happi coats and got to pull the mikoshi or float/displays. I also went to the Yokohama Cup Noodle Factory and Ramen Museum with my host family.

Today I took a mock exam for the JLPT exam for N3. I calculated what I thought my percentage would be with the questions I was confident with and it was 50% or less, which is definitely not a passing grade. I’ll have to wait until November 9th for the actual results, but now I know that I need to especially focus on the kanji comprehension and listening sections. As expected, the listening section was the most painful.

As a side note, I was pretty sick from last Saturday up until yesterday but it seems to be tapering off luckily. Last week was fairly cold but for some reason it returned to being hot and humid again today and it was terrible.

This next weekend I will go to a Polish Cooking class that is being held my one of my relative’s friends and I will also finally go to the Ghibli Museum!!! My host family is really nice and are taking me to places that I really wanted to go to while I was in Japan so I;m so grateful!

I find myself not having as much free time as I expected, but after today’s test I realize that I need to both study more and also find ways to use what I learn. I am memorizing a lot of vocabulary and grammar but I don’t know how to use it practically so it is kind of useless.

I’m pretty tired right now so I am sorry that this post is boring, but I just wanted to shoot out a post. If you read this, thank you! I hope I’ll have the time and motivation to write about one of my fun adventures soon. Thank you!

❤ Kira


8 thoughts on “Quick Update on My Life

  1. Bonsai says:

    Good luck on the test! I read you are a fifth generation Japanese-American. Do you find that difficult as the Japanese may expect more from you? My children are half and my son looks 100% except that he is exceptionally tall. I think as an adult he would be frustrated in Japan.


    • Kira says:

      thank you! I’m worried that this wouldn’t be the answer that you’re hoping for but I personally think that being a Japanese-American here is complicated. Japanese people don’t really seem to understand it. They always ask me if I’m half, but technically I’m full Japanese so it’s difficult to explain. I feel like for the people who are half who look more like the other half that’s not Japanese, they aren’t really expected to speak the language. Unfortunately, or fortunately, for haafu that look Japanese, they will probably be held to higher expectations. It is good bc some haafu who don’t look Japanese will never really be accepted even if they are near fluent just because they don’t look Japanese. But I personally feel like people look at me here sometimes as a a weird/dumb Japanese girl who doesn’t understand. I am tall for a Japanese girl so I definitely already stand out for not fitting the mold of “small and cute Japanese girl.” I feel like your son could become frustrated but it really just depends on so many different factors. I just overthink so that could be tinting my opinion. Sorry for the long response! This is a topic I’m really concerned about as you can see.


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