“Business Trip” to Shibuya(日記#10)

Hello everyone!

I am still in the process of trying to catch up on writing posts about my past adventures. This one happened back in September on the 28th. On that day I made arrangements to visit the company office of one of the companies who sponsored a scholarship that I received. The office was in Shibuya and according to my map when I looked it up  beforehand, it was fairly close to the station.


With my tendency to get lost and turn short trips into long ones, I made sure that I headed out early. About 3 hours early to be exact. Luckily the gods were looking out for me because I actually took all the right trains and made it to the area where the company was without a hitch. Since I was there really early I just ducked into a Doutor coffee shop, since it was before 10 a.m and everything else wasn’t really open yet.


Once it came closer to my appointment time, I headed towards the office. I was surprised at how nice it was. It had a really cute outdoor seating area and also a really cozy cafe on the inside. From the company tour I found out that the first floor with the cafe had just finished being renovated a couple weeks earlier. Previously they didn’t have a space like that where even the public could come and enjoy the space.


Even though I waited a while before I headed to the building I was still there way too early so I looked around a bit more. They also had a lower level with more seating areas. I learned that this area is also open to the public and gets really crowded towards the afternoon when people get off from work and school. I thought it was really neat that they open their work office to the public like this.


I should mention that once I found out who sponsored my scholarship I did a bit of research on the company. I had never heard of it but my grandma had. She herself had friends who were Amway distributors “way back when” and she used to buy from them. She said that they mostly sold kitchen goods and other cleaning ware.


For Japan, Amway is one of the largest distributors/one of the most well known brands in the supplement business. I am not someone who is in their primary consumer demographic as their products are known for being very high quality and therefore out of the price range for a normal college student. I was impressed with their business philosophy as it seems like they have various different projects that are ongoing to support different efforts. In particular, building houses and other facilities in areas that were affected by the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami in the Tohoku region.

Even the director said that he loves the company for those very reasons. He didn’t ever intend to work at this company or in Japan, but one way or another it ended up like this and he is very happy with where he currently is.


I was really lucky that they the director and another staff member gave me their time that day. Talking to them really made me feel motivated. I also learned of new opportunities and possible options for my future.


After I finished up at the company I decided to go and look at the NHK Studio Park that was nearby. I figured, why not since I came all the way to Shibuya. Might as well make the most of the $15 or so of train fare.


I didn’t really know what to expect but it was actually super cute. It only took me less than an hour to walk around, but for the $2 entrance fee I didn’t think it was too bad. Of course it would have been more exciting if I had gone with friends or was a middle school student.


They had a lot of different areas that had interactive aspects to it. I think a lot of the things shown may have been used in actual NHK broadcasts but I am not really sure. It was interesting nonetheless.


The character “Domo” belongs to NHK so there were many Domo themed areas and decorations. Pictured above is a Domo themed rest area in the middle of the museum. It was super cute!!!


Domo is also there to greet you when you leave the museum as well. I think it was a fun and quick stop. Nearby the Studio is also Yoyogi park. I tried to go and walk around but they were setting up for some sort of event and also it was hot so I gave up halfway.


Overall I think that day was super productive and also fun. I think I made the most of the “business trip” that I had to take and felt better knowing that I was competent enough to make it there and back without any major issues. (Since I had the major issues in previous trips, I guess practice makes better).

If you are ever in Shibuya and have some time to kill, especially with little kids, I highly recommend the NHK Studio Park for a cheap but quality way to use up a free morning or afternoon.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kira


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