Meeting My Friend’s Host Family (日記#11)

Hello again!

The other day when I wrote my “quick life update” post I was either feeling really motivated to keep writing or also just really procrastinating on studying so I cranked out a few blog posts.

This post is going to be a really short one! I just wanted to share my experience with going to another one of the study abroad student’s houses on October 1st. One of the friends that I made in JSP invited me and 3 other students to her house to have lunch. She said that it was actually her host mom’s idea so it was really nice.


In the true Japanese way, I made sure that I had something to take with me so I wouldn’t show up empty handed. I love Japan’s omiyage culture because even the most simple things have cute packaging and therefore don’t seem as cheap as the sometime are.


The closest station to my friend’s house is actually the same station that we go to to get to school so it was easy to meet up. Once we all got together then we began the walk to her house. Usually she takes a bike since it is close to a 40 minute walk. It was longer though because we took our time/stopped a lot to look at huge spiders.


When we arrived we were greeted by her host dad and her host family’s dog outside. The dog’s name is Purin and she is a chunky french bulldog. When we got inside we were ushered to go and grab food. The food was all made by the mom and it was so good. The most popular dish with everyone was probably the lasagna that she made since that’s not something you can commonly find in Japan.


My friend also has a host brother who is 7 years old. At first he was kind of shy. He actually ate in the kitchen because we took up the entire living room. However the shyness was just an act. Once one of my friends jokingly swatted a balloon at him then it got intense. He started hitting the balloon at us. Then it progressed to different kinds of balls, a guitar gun thing, and he even hit someone else with a fly swatter. It was pretty amusing.

For a while we all just ended up watching Pokemon while eating snacks and drinking tea. Later on they started playing a game of karuta. I’m really slow and hate competitions so I was out, but everyone else was going pretty hard and it was amusing to watch. The host brother kept changing rules when he was losing. It was a fun time haha.


This was also the day that I was introduced to one of my new favorite snacks. They are affectionately referred to as “Grace’s balls” because they are like sherbet balls that were introduced to us by Grace. They are super good and come in different flavors. These one were pears. It was too bad that the pear is a summer limited edition flavor and by the time I was introduced to these that period was pretty much over. Now they have grape, orange, and also cafe ole.

I wrote the most about the dessert but it is seriously good. Especially because I am on a ice cream “kyuukei” or break since it gives me a stomachache.

I was really lucky to have been invited out by my friend and it was super fun! Since then I have started hanging out with that group more and am happy because they’re super nice and cool peeps

We also ended up going to see the Halloween lights at a park one night together. Hopefully I’ll get around to writing about that soon!

Thanks for reading 🙂

❤ Kira


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