Halloween Night at Shinrin-Koen (日記#13)

This is going to be a super short and brief post, but I wanted to share what I did anyways!  On October 8th I went with some JSP friends to Shinrin-Koen park to go and view the Halloween illuminations. Illuminations are just what Japan calls christmas lights basically. This was the first event that I “planned” and invited other people too, but I wasn’t sure what to expect so I was worried it was going to be lame and everyone would be irritated.

Since we were going to Shinrin-Koen it was a bit far away. It’s the last stop on the line that we usually take to get to and from school. We all met up and caught our train without a hitch, but once we got to the train station instead of taking the free shuttle that would go straight to the park we took the public bus that was not going to stop anywhere near the park.

Luckily one of our group members is super good at Japanese so we had him talk to the bus driver and then he also talked to this older man who got on the bus. That man was nice enough to give us directions and then we all got off the bus.

I Google-mapped the location of where we were supposed to go and it looked like a 17-minute walk in the dark, and it was. Honestly it was kind of scary because it was super dark and the area is almost inaka (country-side) so there weren’t many buildings or people out. But! I guess it kind of made the night more fun because we had that adventure but we still wanted to make sure we made it to the park before closing/make sure we didn’t die.


Once we made it to the park I was relieved because it was super nice and it wasn’t lame at all in my opinion. We had fun just walking around the park and taking pictures. Actually, it was kind of early to be doing something Halloweenie now that I think about it but oh well. Everyone was free so why not.


Besides just walking around we made a stop at the gift shop at the turning point of the route and people bought omiyage and snacks and then we turned around to head back so that we could make sure we didn’t miss the last shuttle bus.

We waited for the bus and made it back to the station without a problem. Then we took the long 30 minute-ish train ride back to Kawagoe station where we went to a yakiniku place. It was a fun night!!! Hoping to hang out with these friends again soon 🙂 We also have plans to attend the Polish cooking class together so we shall see how that goes.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kira

Bonus! More pics from the Halloween night








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