Samurai Japan Baseball Game (日記#22)


I am now writing this post from the share-house that I’ll be living in from 1/4 until 3/28. I want to write about it later when I catch up on my posts, but for now I’ll just say that it’s not too bad. The location is about 15 minutes walk from the nearest train station and also maybe the same distance to the school that I’ll be attending. That’s all that I’ll say for now!

This post is going to be talking about the outing I went on with my JSP friends on November 12, 2016. On that day we finally went to the Samurai Japan baseball game that we had purchased tickets for a month or more in advance. I actually don’t really have an interest in baseball but I knew that it was popular in Japan and really wanted to go to a game at least once. I also wanted to hang out with my friends so there was that reason too.


By the time we met up and made it to Tokyo Dome City, it was already towards the late afternoon. Near the Tokyo Dome Arena there is a shopping mall and also a small open amusement park so we purchased a ride wristband for that. The main attraction that we wanted to visit was a ride called “Thunder Dolphin,” which is kind of a lame name but it’s actually a large roller coaster.


Before we rode anything though we went to Bubba Gumps for Linner. One of my JSP friends is from Louisiana so this was almost like a food and drink home-coming for her that she couldn’t handle in a good way.


I don’t remember the name of what I got but it was like garlic shrimp with rice and a piece of garlic bread. Sitting in my share-house where I’ve kind of been starving not knowing how to cook and looking at this picture was not a good idea. It was super good and now I want to go back and eat it again.


The atmosphere and the decorations in the restaurant were super nice. The food portions and drink cups were even “American sized” just like home too so that was a nice relief from small Japanese sized portions of everything. They also had this shrimp mascot walking around, scaring young children, and also wrecking havoc. You can’t really see it in the picture but the costume has a long tail and he either tripped or somehow knocked the server’s tray full of waters onto the ground. He apologized but it didn’t look very sincere.


Once we all finished eating and my friend was done crying tears of happiness into her drink, it was Thunder Dolphin time. The line was fairly long so we had some time to digest our food. Once we got to the front of the line we were told the rules. They even had a no-gum policy and made my friends spit it out (of course in the Japanese way, little papers were provided to spit the gum into).


I already kind of forgot the order of which we did things and what we did but I remember that we at least rode two more rides. One was like the Pharaoh’s Fury or the Viking Boat ride that swings back and forth. The other one was a 3D virtual ride. We wanted to go on the Thunder Dolphin again but the line was way too long so instead we went on a water slide ride in the evening when it was cold. We all got fairly soaked but it was still fun! After that we met up with the people who weren’t riding, checked out the merch shop, and then finally made our way to the game.


Originally we all thought that we were going to receive jerseys with our seat tickets but actually it was a muffler so we were all really disappointed but I guess it was good that I got a muffler because I didn’t already own one and I didn’t want to buy one. Also, in Japan they call scarves “mufflers” and it’s still kind of weird to me.


Our seats we actually in a pretty good place I think, minus the railing bars that pretty much blocked everything. As I said before I had no interest or no knowledge of baseball so I didn’t really know what was going on but it was still fun to watch.

IMG_9527.JPGIt was kind of close but the Samurai Japan team beat the Netherlands which was good. Ah! Another thing that I didn’t get a picture of but thought was interesting were all of the girls walking around selling beer and snacks and stuff. They would just be walking around with the different kegs on their back and bills folded and being carried around tucked between their fingers. For the people who wanted drinks they just had to shout to get the girl’s attention. It looked really painful because they have to carry the beer up and down the stairs and basically get shouted at from every direction. But I mean, I’m sure they want to do that job so oh well. Not sure if this happens at baseball games in other countries or not.


Anyways, once the game was over we went along with the rest of the crowd back to the train station. But not before a little break to see what everyone was taking pictures of. There were a bunch of people wearing jerseys and people were taking pics with them but I still have no idea who they were haha.

Overall it was a really fun day! I wouldn’t mind going to another baseball game during the time that I’m in Japan, but it won’t be the same without my friends 😦

Thanks for reading! Until the next post!

❤ Kira



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