Tokyo Sky Tree with My Host Fam(日記#24)

Hello hello!

I’m back as promised with another post! On November 20, 2016 my host family took me to see the Tokyo Sky Tree! We went there by car but parked at a lot a short walk away so they could avoid paying the jacked up parking garage fee at the actual location. It was nice though because as we got closer we were able to see the Sky Tree and the tension just went up. Really, anything is more fun (but also more stressful) when you’re doing something with little kids.


Once we got in we had to join a bunch of other people in the queue to get tickets. When we got in line my host brother asked if there were fast passes and I was like bro this ain’t Disneyland. Then in his usual way, right when we got to the front of line he had to use the bathroom (which is actually exactly what happened when we went to Disney Sea back in October).


The inside of the building was really nice and they had a lot of high-tech looking displays. The tower itself is really new only having been built in either 2010 or 2011 and then opened up to the public in 2012.


When we went to get the tickets my host mom told them that it was my birthday so I got this sticker. I think that if you showed it at certain times then you could receive something but it was mostly little children who were doing it so I refrained.

After that we headed off to the elevators to go up to the lower observatory deck. If you want to go to the higher level then you have to pay an additional fee. For the elevators there are four different ones which are all themed with the view from the Sky Tree in the different seasons. Our elevator was for spring and was decorated with sakura.


It actually wasn’t as crowded I expected so it was nice. The weather was nice and clear and the views were pretty. They had different displays such as a old painting that had the past landscape image of Tokyo and also a interactive touch screen map which could switch between day and night view modes. They had different locations labeled so you could see exactly where it would be if you looked out the window.

Looking back at these pictures as I write this post I realized just how nice and clear the weather was that day. I was particularly fascinated with how I could see the shadow of the tower over the city below.


Another cool high tech thing they had was a set of Virtual Reality (VR) headsets where you could experience what it would be like as a person who was cleaning the windows of the Sky Tree.


Of course the visit wouldn’t be complete without taking a photo at the professional photo area. I can’t remember what the reason was but my host brother was crying as we were sitting and waiting to take the picture. It might have been because he didn’t get to sit in the place that he wanted to. Ah, fun times haha.

Once we took the photo then we went and watched their Christmas themed performance with the different mascots. It was actually pretty cute. I guess I am still a child because I love these kinds of things.


Once the show was over and we were ready to head out we passed through the area that had the glass floors. I didn’t want to stand on it because it freaks me out but my host siblings had no such hesitations. Even though it was really crowded since everyone had to pass through there in order to get to the exit my host siblings were still sitting on the ground looking down through the glass. My host parents are pretty chill.

Before we left the building we took a break to eat some snacks and then also looked in the gift shop. We went during the time when the Pikotarou craze had already taken off so we saw his cardboard cut out in shop. They also had his song playing on repeat. For some reason I actually haven’t gotten tired of the song yet. BTW he has a new one called “I Like OJ” but I don’t think it’s as catchy as PPAP. If you don’t know of Pikotarou and PPAP yet, I’m sorry but now you do.


After we left we stopped by at a niku-man store and ate a mini lunch before we went back to the car. We were going to head to Rikugien Gardens next. I was going to write about that in this post as well but this one got kind of long so I’ll give I’ll continue it in a new one. If you read this, thank you! Keep an eye out for journal #24.5 with our trip to the garden. Here’s a preview 🙂

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Take care!

❤ Kira


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