The Sky is Falling!!!(日記#26)

Hi again!

Today I am going to talk about another first I had while in Japan. On November 24th, 2016, the day after I had Thanskgiving dinner with my friends it snowed!!! This was the first time I had really seen snow fall. I had seen it on the ground before and played in it before on previous trips to Japan, but this is the first time I think I have ever seen it falling from the sky and been able to walk around in it.


Once I woke up that day and looked out my window I couldn’t stop smiling. To me snow is so magical. I know I wouldn’t think like that if I lived somewhere where it always snowed but since I don’t then it was great. I was so excited to leave to go to school so I could walk in it. It might sound dumb but I honestly didn’t know that people used umbrellas when it’s snowing. It makes sense but I had never had to think about that before.


Walking from my house to the train station in the snow was fun in my opinion. Once I got to school it was even better because everything looked so beautiful covered in the snow. There were still some trees with Autumn leaves on them so I thought the contrast between the red and orange leaves with the white snow was pretty.


According to the news forecast it was only supposed to snow from the morning until about 1 or 2 pm, so most of us JSPs enjoyed being outside in the snow while we could. It wasn’t enough to have a real snowball fight or make a snowman or anything but it was enough that you could easily slip and fall on your butt if you weren’t paying attention.


By the time our afternoon class go out the snow had stopped falling but on the walk home I still smiled to myself as I saw the fields covered in snow. That was a great day 🙂


Thanks for reading! Next time will be about when I went to Shin-Okubo Korea Town and Harajuku one weekend with Grace ^^

❤ Kira



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