Korea-Town and Harajuku with Grace(日記#27)

Hi everybody! Hope you’re doing well. I’m back with another short post about an outing I took with Grace on December 4, 2016. I’ve finally made it to the month of December! I remember that on this day Grace and I wanted to hang out since we knew the end of JSP was coming and we wanted to make sure we scheduled a time to hang out. We ended up deciding to go and eat Korean food at Shin-Okubo which is where the Korea Town is.


After I walked us in the wrong direction once and then we turned around, we continued to walk back and forth because we couldn’t decide what to eat. We finally just settled on a restaurant that seemed to have good combo sets. I ordered a pajun like vegetable pancake and a side of fried rice (I don’t remember what I was thinking at that time to be honest), and Grace ordered black bean noodles and gimbab or like maki sushi.

My food came out first and we waited for over 20 minutes and Grace’s food never came. We didn’t want to be those impatient people but we figured that they forgot so we buzzed again and asked them. They brought Grace’s food out soon after as well as the food of the people next to use who had only ordered 5 minutes earlier but had the same noodles. Yep, they definitely forgot! Oh well, all was forgiven as we ate our food, enjoyed talking, and then moved onto the next stop: Harajuku.


It was so insanely crowded that you couldn’t really chose where you walked you just had to follow the current of the crowd. Eventually we broke off onto a side street to try to get to a store that Grace wanted to visit to buy a shirt from a brand that she really likes. We eventually found the store but it was too bad because they didn’t have the item she wanted in stock. She just decided that she would order it online so it wasn’t too much of  a loss. After that we waited in line for close to 30 minutes just to be able to use the bathroom in one of the mini department stores and then went to get Grace a crepe. Takeshita Street is well known for it’s many crepe shops and Grace wanted to eat one before she left Japan so we went and got one of those before deciding to move on.


Now we really didn’t know what to do so for some reason we got off at Shibuya Station. We stood on the side outside the station while Grace finished her crepe and then we wandered around for probably 10 minutes before we realized that we really didn’t have anything we wanted to do there and got on the train again. IMG_0646.JPGThere’s actually a gap in my photos between Shibuya and my picture of dinner so I am not exactly sure where we ended up going. I want to guess that we went to the Pokemon Center in Ikebukuro and then went to eat dinner at one of the fast food beef bowl places but since I don’t have any photos I can’t remember.

Overall it was it a really fun day. It was nice to just be able to spend more time with Grace before she went back to the US. Even though we did a lot of wandering with no plans, it was fun to just spend time together.

Thanks for reading! Next post will be about the taiko workshop we got to participate in with JSP.

❤ Kira


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