Wadaiko Experience(日記#28)

On December 5, 2016 the JSP students were able to participate in a Wadaiko Workshop at the Saitama Super Area. The word “taiko” describes the Japanese drumming style and “Wadaiko” is used to describe Japanese drumming specifically.

The word “Wadaiko” especially refers to a taiko of Japanese origin. It is a compound word, which consists of “wa”(Japanese) and “daiko”(a suffix of the word “taiko”)


For our field trip we took a bus from TIU to the Saitama Super Arena where Suwa Sound Studio is located. When we first got there we got an introduction to the style of waidaiko and also got to try our hand at hitting the drums, eventually culminating into learning a super short piece. It was really great to be able to hit a drum again since I hadn’t done it since leaving Willamette back in the summer of 2016. Grace also played taiko back at her own university in California and had been itching to play again too so it was a good experience for both of us.


We also got to watch a demonstration of different pieces using different drums. I love watching and listening to taiko because you can actually feel the beats and the music. I was having serious taiko withdrawals just watching them play.


One of my favorite parts was getting to try and hit the odaiko which is the large drum on the stand. We got to hit it in pairs and if the person on the other person hits it hard enough then your own bachi or drum sticks almost just bounce right off the drum.


I liked this event because I got to play taiko for the first time in a while and I loved it even more because I got to do it with my friends. This was the last JSP event before the end of the program so it was a bit bittersweet but it was really fun.

If you read this, thanks again like always! Next post will be about the moment that I had been dreading for weeks–the JSP closing ceremony.

❤ Kira



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