Hiking at Mt. Takao(日記#36)


Today’s post is gonna be super short! I just wanted to share about my experience hiking Mt. Takao with my friend on February 19th. One of the things on my Japan checklist was hiking Takao-san and even though I missed going during the autumn season, which is supposed to be super nice, it was still really beautiful!

It was a bit of a trek to get there with a train ride of about 1.5~2 hours, but it was so worth it. Once I arrive at the station I met with my friend who is from Norway and we were off! By the way, one of the perks of studying abroad in Japan that I never could have predicted before arriving was the amount of friends I would make here who aren’t even from Japan.


Once we started the hike I realized just how out of shape I was and it was a bit of struggle but one we made it to the top it was so worth it. We were lucky and it was a clear enough day that we could see Mount Fuji. After multiple attempts to get a self with Mt. Fuji we decided to eat some soba. I don’t know what it is about eating soba after a hike but it was just so good. I also had soba in Ashikaga after hiking up the many steps to the Orihime Jinja shrine. I didn’t even used to like soba before coming to Japan but just like tea, it has now become one of my favorites.

After we ate our soba we began the much more leisurely journey back downhill, stopping on the way down to get the famous manju ( I believe) which is in the shape of the tengu (demon creature with the long nose). Since I don’t eat anko or red bean paste, I instead got an ice cream bar, to the amused looks of the Japanese people who were like “isn’t it too cold for ice cream??”

Once we reached the bottom we weren’t quite ready to head back yet so we went to this sketchy looking cafe that was actually really cute on the inside. It was called Mariposa and had a lot of different butterfly themed artwork as well as a little shop selling craft goods in the entrance.


It was a cute little family-owned shop that wasn’t busy at all. Perfect way to pass the time and a great way to end the day. After hopping back on the train then parting ways with my friend the adventure to Mount Takao day was officially over. I wouldn’t mind going back there someday, hopefully during Autumn or cherry blossom season.

If you read this, thank you! I hope to have the next post be about my trip to Korea!

Take care!

❤ Kira


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