Final Countdown: 13 Days Left in Japan!

Hello everyone!

It has really been a while since I last posted so I apologize. I really intended to catch up as much as possible with my posts but the days just passed by and I couldn’t find any motivation to write about things that were already so far in the past. This isn’t an update on my adventures yet but I just thought that I should break my long no-writing streak by posting an update.

I have reached the end of my 11 month study abroad in Japan. Almost one year passed by before I even knew it and now I only have 12 full days left in Japan. I can’t believe it really. I did so many different things but still didn’t get to do all of the things that I wanted to. If I could redo this year there are many things that I would do differently as well. However, I don’t regret the things that I was able to do because things ended up this way.

This semester like usual I mostly just focused on school with the occasional excursion on the weekend to go into Tokyo to volunteer. The weather has also been discouraging me from doing anything even on the days where I have free time. Today was the hottest day yet at 98 degrees, which felt like close to 105 degrees. I cannot say that I would ever recommend anyone to come to Japan during this summer period unless you like humid, hot weather.

Since I only have 2 weeks left I plan to make the most of it once finals end tomorrow. Lined up for me in the next two weeks if things go as planned are a BBQ with my host fam in the backyard, going to a summer festival, doing an international exchange again at Showa Women’s University, making plastic food samples for my last JSP field trip, and going to Disney Sea. The weather is uncomfortably hot and just yesterday I think I suffered from heatstroke just staying home and trying to study for finals, but I am going to try my best to push through.

There was not really any point to this post and it was pretty disorganized as I have fallen out of the habit of writing, but I will try my best to pump out some more blog posts before it really gets too late and I forget everything. Even after I return to the US I will probably be updating this blog until I finish my posts through the end of this Japan Studies Program. It might take a while but if you are interested then please continue to stick around!

Thank you as always and take care!

❤ Kira


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