Visiting the Ueno Zoo!(日記#37)

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to talk about my little field trip I took to the Ueno Zoo on March 23, 2017. Ueno Zoo is located within Ueno Park and is famous for its giant pandas. Originally I didn’t want to go to visit the zoo because I have mixed feelings about places like zoos and aquariums, but in the end I decided to go an check out the zoo and the conditions of the animals firsthand.


One thing I noticed when I first went in was that the zoo was full of families with kids and I was there by myself so it was kind of sad but I just told myself that this was for research purposes (and also called my grandma to keep me company while I walked around pitying the animals).


Once inside, first stop was the giant pandas. Impression: they were not as giant as I predicted from a name like “giant panda” but at the same time I can’t imagine what they would look like if they were any more huge.


There were huge crowds around the windows of the exhibit just watching the pandas chill and eat. Seems like a pretty good set-up to me.


After seeing the pandas then I continued to walk around the zoo determined to see all of the animals. Ueno Zoo is actually a fairly large zoo that is separated into two different areas. It was actually pretty nice and I wouldn’t mind going again, although I am not sure how happy the animals are living there. In particular the elephant habitat seemed to be way too small for the amount of elephants they had housed there and many of the other animals such as the different species of bears were all pacing around the doors of their cages.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 10.25.05 PM.png

Just recently Ueno Zoo has become a big topic on the news because a baby panda was born for the first time in many years. It is still in the unstable period where the baby panda’s survival is not guaranteed, but it is looking good so far and soon there will be a public voting system to submit possible names for the baby. Sadly when the baby gets old enough it will be sent back to China as per the agreement of receiving the pandas in the first place.

tl;dr–The Ueno Zoo is a nice place to stop by if you are anywhere near the area in order to kill 2-3 hours. There are also multiple museums, temples, and a park nearby as well so it’s a place where you could easily spend an entire day.

When I was living in the Share House in Nippori, Ueno Station was only one stop away and therefore it became my go-to location for breaks. Since moving back to Kawagoe in Saitama I have only been able to go back once or twice but I hope to go again in the future since I have many fond memories of the Ueno area 🙂

If you read this long rambling post I appreciate it! Please bear with me as I get back into the groove of writing and communicating in English.

Next post will be about visiting the Yayoi Kusama Exhibit!

Take care!

❤ Kira


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