Yayoi Kusama Exhibit(日記#38)

Hi everyone!

I am back again with another post! This time to let you know about my visit to the Yayoi Kusama: My Eternal Soul exhibit that was hosted at the Kokuritsu-Shin-Bijutsukan in Roppongi.


Yayoi Kusama is a famous Japanese artist, well known for her dotted art style. Her art is displayed across Japan with her famous pumpkin sculpture displayed in Naoshima and most recently in the newly opened Ginza Six shopping complex where her pumpkin sculptures can be seen suspended from the ceiling.

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

After buying our ticket and making our way into the museum the first thing that we did was check out the food. There are multiple cafes within the large museum. We were slightly limited since all of the cafeterias were crowded, but luckily by the time we got out food we were able to find a seat at a table shared with some other people. It was pretty good (as is most food in Japan. I don’t think you can really go wrong with most food in Japan).

Once we finished eating we made our way to the Yayoi Kusama exhibit. It starts with an interactive piece where you are handed a sheet of dotted stickers and you are allowed to place them anywhere within the small room.


Once you go through that exhibit you enter the main exhibit where you are not really allowed to take pictures. It was really interesting to see the changes and evolution in her art styles but also the continuation of the dotted style that she is well known for. Throughout the exhibit you get to see not only her art pieces but you also get to watch videos which tell you more about the story of her life.

After going through the maze of her different art works and sculptures you enter a large open room. In this room you are able to take pictures and many people were taking advantage of that. I really enjoyed the art pieces in this collection just looking at them visually, but even more than that I thought that the titles were very thought provoking. For all of the bright cheerful colors, the titles were often very dark and it made me wonder about what Kusama was thinking as she created these pieces. IMG_6491.JPG

I am really grateful that I was able to go and visit Yayoi Kusama’s exhibit during the time I was in Japan. Just one of the many experiences that I didn’t imagine myself having while studying abroad but am so glad I was able to do.

Thank you for reading! Next time I will talk about walking around the neighborhood with my current host mom during sakura season! Please look forward to it~

Take care!

❤ Kira


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