Searching for Sakura: Afternoon Walk with my Host Mom(日記#39)


I seem to be on a roll with updating posts, but perhaps that’s going to jinx me. Anyways today’s post is going to be about walking around the neighborhood with my host mom in hopes to see some sakura at full bloom back on April 2, 2017.

My host mom likes to joke about how she is a Kawagoe-jin since she was born and raised in Kawagoe just like her family has for many generations. It is a really nice area to live in with a river nearby that seems perfect for a picnic, for walking a dog, or just chilling and relaxing outdoors.

Unfortunately the sakura were not quite in full bloom yet. This year the sakura seemed to be blooming late. They also had to compete with the gloomy, grey, and rainy weather. There were still a few blooms though so we spent a while having flower photoshoots.


Another thing that was really cute was that there are free boat rides on the river. From what I saw though it wasn’t that popular as most people were probably waiting for the sakura to bloom. There was a cute old lady though who was taking a ride by herself.

After we ate some yakisoba that was being sold by one of the families who live in the area that turned the bottom floor of their house into a mini food stand, we continued walking to Koedo which is known for being “little Tokyo” to pick up a snack and then also to Hikawa Shrine where I fished for my fortune in the shape of a cute red tai or red snapper.

It was a short and sweet outing with my host mom within the first few days of moving into my new host family’s house on March 30th. My host mom and I get along well and I can’t help but thank whoever is looking out for me this year since I was placed well for my host family both semesters 🙂

Anyways, if you read this, thank you as always! The next post will be talking about the JSP field trip we took to Higashi Chichibu to experience Japanese traditional paper making and making soba from scratch! It was a really great experience so please look forward to the next post!

Take care~

❤ Kira


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