Kami Suki and Soba Making: Japanese Cultural Experience(日記#40)

Hello everyone!

I’m back with another post! This time I will be writing about the JSP field trip that we took to Higashi Chichibu on April 22, 2017 for a Japanese cultural experience! We “made” Japanese paper and also handmade our own soba noodles for lunch.

When we arrived at the Saitama Traditional Craft Center we got right to making our soba. It was actually kind of embarrassing because part of the process included stepping on the soba to knead it out but it was among good company so it wasn’t that bad.

We were also lucky because the lunch included tempura (that we didn’t have to make ourselves!). The soba tasted especially good after working hard to make it from scratch.

After we were all done with our lunch then we cleaned up and heading to another building to experience the paper making. We were lucky again that they made the process easy for us by helping us scoop the paper with the sieve and shaking it to help spread it evenly. Once they plopped our papers out of the wire frame then we got to decorate them with different flower petals and leaves. I am not very artsy so I basically just separated them by type of plant haha. I really love doing activities where you either get to taste or take home what you made so it was really perfect.

Once we finished decorating our papers then we had some free time to walk around the area. They had a nice garden with a sakura tree in full bloom that was especially pretty.

Once our exploration time was up we loaded up back into the school bus to head back to campus. It was a really nice escape from regular school life and a good experience. Very grateful to have had this opportunity!

Thank you for reading! The next post will be about my mom’s visit to Japan!

Take care~

❤ Kira


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