My Mom Visited Me in Japan! (日記#41)

Hello again everybody!

This is my first post written after I returned home from Japan. I officially landed back in the US on July 30, 2017 and I will be at home until August 24th when I go back to school in Oregon to finish out my senior year of college. Even though I am no longer in Japan I still hope to finish writing and sharing all of the experiences and adventures I had during my 11 months I spent there (so this blog will not be going away anytime soon!). So, without further ado let’s continue with a new post which will take me one step closer to finishing out this year.

Golden Week in Japan is a pretty much weeklong holiday that is probably one of the only vacations many Japanese people will have throughout the year. For me, instead of traveling or going back home (which would be super expensive since many Japanese people probably travelled to Hawaii during this holiday), my mom actually came to Japan and visited me for a little over a week during the last week of April to the first week of May. Since it was over a week and we did a lot of things that I have trouble recalling now, I am just going to share some of the highlights of her visit in no particular order based on which pictures I have.

One of the most memorable things was probably eating. To be honest, from January to March when I was living on my own, I barely ate. I don’t know how to cook and I began to grow tired of eating alone so I began to stop eating other than what I needed to just get by. Since I did that lifestyle for over 3 months, even when I moved into my new host family’s house I was still unable to really eat. However, that changed once my mom came to visit me and I was finally “cured.” I kind of joked around saying that if I could eat a whole hamburger then I would officially declared myself recovered but I never realized how true it actually was. It was probably all a mental block so once I thought that I could eat I began to find joy in eating again and was able to eat normally (back to my bad eating habits).

We ate a lot of food so I’ll just insert pictures of that below 🙂 I took my mom to my favorite Japanese “fast food”–family style restaurants. Gusto, which is famous for hamburg, and Saizeria where I get my favorite “peperonchino” pasta and “karami chicken” which is basically spicy chicken wings. It may seen kind of silly, but my favorite foods that I ate in Japan were probably foods originally from other countries that were Japanified. As for my mom she really wanted to eat udon so we went to one of the small udon places where you order a ticket from a vending machine and then hand that over to receive your food. My mom also fell in love with the orange flavored water and smuggled how many bottles back home when she left.


We did do other things besides eating though including going to a Hawaii Festival in Odaiba, going to Venus Fort Mall, and also going to a Disney Art Exhibit at the Miraikan, all located in Odaiba. On another day we also went to Tokyo Station to eat at the underground Ramen Street and also to check out the Palace Grounds outside the station. It ended up being too hot for me to handle though so we quickly went back indoors.

Overall I had a really nice time and I was really grateful that my mom came to visit me. I was really homesick I think and having home come to me really helped. In the past I had only stayed away from home for about 4 months at a time but at this point it has already been about twice that amount, 8 months away from home with about 3 more months to go. Having my mom come was a lifesaver to me but I also hope that she had a nice experience in Japan even though I couldn’t take her many places since I had still had school.

I hope that in the future if I end up living in Japan again that my other family members can also come and visit me, especially my dad because he has never been to Japan and I would really like to take him to places like the tsukiji fish market, the restaurant where you catch your own fish and they cook it for you, and also lot of sushi places since it’s so cheap.

Well, I think that’s it for this post. Haven’t done a long post like this for a while probably because I lost my touch with writing in English but I am feeling a little better now after having been home for a couple of weeks. Please stick around for the next post which will be the grand finale of my Golden Week holidays, going to Tokyo Disneyland with my Japanese friends.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kira



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