JET Program YouTuber Compilation

Hi everyone!

If you’re as curious as me about the JET Program either because you are going as a participant or because you know someone who is going and you want to know more about what their life is going to be like, today I want to share with you a list of YouTubers or YouTuber channels that introduce about life in Japan as a part of the JET Program.

The unofficial motto of the JET Program is ESID or “Every Situation is Different,” and that just means that although some things might be similar, for the most part many things are different depending on where you are placed, where you are working, and what kind of person you are.

So without further ado, here are a list of some JET YouTubers!

My Favorite YouTubers/YouTube Channels

1. Caradventures

One of the YouTubers that I watch regularly not only because she talks about the JET Program but because she is interesting, real, and has a great attitude is Cara. She was placed in rural Japan in Niigata Prefecture. She gives advice about what to expect on the JET Program, how to make Japanese friends, and even how to survive the Japanese winter if you’re from places where it does not get really cold. I have pretty much watched all of her videos, some even multiple times. I really recommend checking out her channel!

2. Benjamin Wall

Benjamin was a previous JET who has now left the JET Program but is still working and living in Japan. He has some great videos about applying to the JET Program and also life on the JET Program. I would recommend his videos: “When my Japanese Students Misbehave,” “JET Program: The First Month,” and “What Does a Lesson Plan Look Like?” to get started and primed on life on JET.

Teaching Resources and What to Expect in the Classroom:

1. Jessica Roh

Jessica was a JET from Canada who was placed in Kyoto, Japan who stayed there for 1 year. She has a lot of great videos on sample lessons, activities, and daily life in the classroom. While she is not longer in the JET Program, she has a lot of great videos so I highly recommend you checking out her channel!

Life in Japan

1. Health Shinobi

Victor is a JET from Canada who was placed in Hida, Japan. While he may not have many videos about JET, the ones that he does have such as “Driving/Buying a Car in Japan” and “My 42,000 yen Japanese apartment” will give you a good idea on what to expect if you are placed in a rural area and need to drive in Japan.


Rudy, who goes by the name of Tudi, is a 2017 JET who was placed in Kobe in Hyogo prefecture (which coincidentally was my first choice placement which I didn’t get!). She makes videos about life in Japan as well as some advice videos specific to the JET Program such as work/life balance, isolation, etc. and about long distance relationships.

3. Mayllie

Mayllie is a JET who was placed in Nagasaki, Japan. She has a lot of videos of her first impressions after she first arrived at her placement and also a lot of exploration videos as she explores her new area. One of the videos that I thought was most insightful however as an incoming 2018 JET myself was her Tokyo Orientation video. If you’re curious about how the orientation is going to go, I highly recommend watching this video!

4. Seize and Fumble

Siobhan is a JET placed in Wakayama, Japan. She makes videos about living in the Japanese countryside and about life as an ALT. She also has a video about the 2017 Tokyo Orientation so be sure to check it out if you’re curious!

5. Kristen

Kristen is a 2017 JET who has a few videos about life in the JET Program. One of the videos that might be most helpful to an Incoming JET is her video about bringing omiyage or souvenirs for the JET Program.

6. Andrew Saitoh

Andrew is a JET from Canada who was placed in Miyagi, Sendai. He makes a lot of videos about traveling in Japan as well as about life in the JET Program. Some of the videos you might want to check out are: Waking Up in Japan, Elementary School Graduation, and ALT Apartment Tour.

Fresh 2018 Incoming JETs YouTube Channels

1. Jill in Japan

2. Suishou JETStreams


If you know of any other YouTubers who you think should be on this list, please let me know! If you are also an Incoming 2018 JET, shoot me a message and let’s get excited about going to Japan together!

Thanks for reading,

❤ Kira


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