Spreading Aloha in Japan–Planning a Cultural Education Event

Aloha everyone!

Thanks to my office day on my last working day of this year, I have had a chance to do all of the small things that slipped through the cracks while I was busy and stressed out with work and life such as write blog posts. So, I am happy to be back today with another post about an event that I hosted on November 18, 2018 to teach about the “real Hawaii” and Japanese-Americans in Hawaii.

Aloha Asagiri Poster API Resource.jpeg

A little while after I moved her, I asked my supervisor about the possibility of hosting an event to share about Hawaii’s culture to the people who live in the town and she said yes. Although in hindsight I realize that I shouldn’t have been so ambitious with trying to make and plan an entire event so soon after arriving here, I am happy that I did.

We had a pretty good turnout of about 14 people who were mostly members of the eikaiwa or English Conversation Classes hosted by the BOE.

Hawaii Style Evolution.png

We opened up with a game of evolution–Hawaii style and I think that really helped get people to be a little more relaxed. I myself was really nervous but tried my best to project that Hawaii warmth and personality that is so important to me and one of the reasons why I wanted to host the event in the first place.

Aloha Asagiri 2.JPG

After the ice breaker we went straight into the presentation which included my self-introduction followed by really brief introductions to Japanese-American history in Hawaii, the history of Native Hawaiians, the Hawaiian Language as well as pidgin. I also broke out the dance that I learned back at Willamette for the Lu’au and performed the Queen’s Jubilee.


One of the biggest hitches for that day were technical difficulties as the room did not have WiFi and the computer couldn’t play my videos. As I had planned to have those videos be a big part of my presentation I was pretty bummed to be honest but I think that with a little extra energy and exaggerated acting that it wasn’t a complete failure. We all danced together to my improvised A-L-O-H-A song as no one else could see the video except for me and they couldn’t see the lyrics either but it was fun.


After the presentation was over we all sat around and ate some snacks together. Although I was still very nervous and was not sure how the event was received, it felt good to have it finally be done after months of waiting. I hope to have Aloha Asagiri round 2 in the early half of next year so please look forward to that as well.


Thank you!

❤ Kira


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