Outdoor Ice-Skating in Miyazaki

Hi everyone!

I hope that you’re doing well! Today I am back with my first Japan adventure post in a while. I’d like to share about the drive I went on with my friend that ended up taking us into the misty mountains to an outdoor ice skating rink. We didn’t know where our end destination was when we set off that day and we definitely weren’t prepared for ice skating out in the cold, but it ended up being really fun.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 1.16.06 PM.png

Ebino Kougenso Ice Skating

The drive up to the Ebino Plateau was pretty spooky because the fog and mist were so thick that you could barely see in front of you and it was also really cold. While the view that greeted us was different than how it was advertised on the website, it was still really cool.

After we paid our admission, got our skates, and then picked up gloves we hit the ice. I don’t know why skating in circles is so fun but I really enjoy ice skating. When it was time to smooth the ice we grabbed some food while we waited and then jumped on the ice again.

It was a super fun weekend adventure that I never could have imagined having but I am so grateful for. Thank you to Jess for always being down for a no-plan drive and not being scared of some mist. It was a really fun day!

Since it really was just skating around in circles there’s not much to write about so I’ll just post some pictures. While it was scary foggy on the way up, by the time we had left the mist had burned off and we got a beautiful clear view of Miyazaki.


Sometimes I can’t believe the life that I am currently living in Japan teaching English while living in the countryside, especially now that it has been about 7.5 months, but maybe it’s okay not to think about some things too hard. (If you know me, I overthink about everything).

I hope to have more things to share with you all about how life is going here.

Thank you for reading and take care,

❤ Kira



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