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Updated March 13, 2019

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From 2020, the Ministry of Education and Technology will be implementing the new English Curriculum which starts classroom English activities for 3rd and 4th graders and introduces English as a subject for 5th and 6th grades. Currently in Kumamoto, the schools I am working at have already been using the new textbooks which are Let’s Try! and We Can!

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For anyone coming to Japan with the JET Program from next year or who are hopeful future JETs, looking at the textbooks and curriculum might give you a bit more insight on what kind of life you might have as an ALT or help you prepare for your JET interviews.

While there are many websites and other guides and resources available online, I thought I would also share the flashcards, PPT, worksheets, templates, etc. that I have made already so that it can get more use. If you are interested in getting the PowerPoint version of any of the currently made flashcard sets or worksheets so that you can adapt it to your individual schools, please send me an email at which is the email and Google Drive account I have made to host these resources.

If you are also an ALT (from anywhere in Japan) and would like to share your resources as well, please email me and I will either add it to the Drive or I can give you access. Feel free to share with your HRT, JTEs, or school! Thank you! 

Access to the ALT Resources Google Drive:

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